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3199Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowenum classNewWin32
Task Description Implement easy usable enum class based on make sure the have int->type and type->int conversion, toString method, and iteration facility.
3198Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowallow float fps in video writingNewWin32
Task Description c->time_base = av_d2q(1.f/fps, 65535);
3197Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowc++11 timingNewWin32
Task Description use instead of unix timing or glfw timing.
3193Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowFile IONewWin32
Task Description add file IO like writing to and reading from a file. this way we have less dependency on the GetData method of the String class
3187Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowBMP Image supportNewAll
Task Description add IO for BMP files. see gimp source code how to read/write bmp files
3183Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowFlag HandlingNewWin32
Task Description Add type same flag handling. See how QT implemented this. this i a clever way to do it!
3181Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowOpenCL image NewWin32
Task Description Design image class such that it is transparent to the user if an algorithm operates in the opencl image or the host image
3180Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowRaw Image SupportNewWin32
Task Description use libraw to load and store raw images
3179Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowTIFFReadRGBAImageOriented Premultiplication rounding er...NewWin32
Task Description TIFFReadRGBAImageOriented executes an alpha premultiplication even when the alpha value is stored as EXTRASAMPLE_UNASSALPHA. This leads to rounding errors. example: (correct mathematical rounding) gt: 226 and alpha 0.5 -> 127 read the premultiplied value: 226*127/255 = 112.56 -> 113 converting to nonpremultiplied value: 113*255/127 = 226.89 -> 227 gt: 225 and alpha 0.5 -> 127 read the premultiplied value: 225*127/255 = 112.06 -> 112 converting to nonpremultiplied value: 112*255/127 = 224.88 -> 225 so we have a difference of 1 or 0 between the ground truth and the read value after undoing the premultiplication. (incorrect mathematical rounding) gt: 226 and alpha 0.5 -> 127 read the premultiplied value: 226*127/255 = 112.56 -> 112 converting to nonpremultiplied value: 112*255/127 = 224.88 -> 224 so incorrect mathematical rounding leading to much worse results. Consider using a different way to read the tiff image (for instance ReadEncodedStrip).
2912Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowExposure Fusion AlgorithmNewAll
Task Description implement
182Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowUnicode StringsNewAll
Task Description
153Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowPrimary Ray GenerationNewAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description ray generation for ray tracing
152Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLow1D - 4D noise functionNewAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description perlin/simplex noise
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