Xfce4 panel-plugin: a front-end for the locate search (similar to MAC OS X's spotlight)
IDProjectTask Type  ascSeveritySummaryStatusOperating SystemProgressAssigned To
28xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportLowgeneral refactoringNewAll
Task Description use gthreads and other gtk specific methods
29xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportLowaccelerate link creationNewAll
Task Description make creation of folder with links (when clicking on section name) faster
 30 xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportLow after esc => result in frame ClosedAll
Task Description when a search is in progress and esc is pressed the search does not stop => when the frame is displayed later on, results are shown.
 32 xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportLow email test task ClosedWin32
Task Description asd
40xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportLowMemory leakNewWin32
Task Description memory leak with list items
 170 xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportLow [patch] xfce4-linelight-plugin-0.1.6 fails to compile w ...ClosedWin32
Michael Pfeuti Task Description need to use correct headers, the patch is compatible also with xfce4-panel-4.6 so no worries on that. it's simple as: --- panel-plugin/linelight.c +++ panel-plugin/linelight.c @@ -21,8 +21,7 @@ #include -#include -#include +#include #include --- panel-plugin/main.c +++ panel-plugin/main.c @@ -32,9 +32,7 @@ #include -#include -#include -#include +#include #include "linelight.h" #include "defines.h" Thanks, Samuli Suominen
 155 xfce4-linelight-pluginBug ReportVery Low Port to gio ClosedAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description Hi, Thunar-vfs will be deprecated with Xfce 4.8 (scheduled for june 2010), and programs should use gio directly instead. The attached patch ports xfce4-linelight-plugin from thunar-vfs to gio. I played a bit with it locally, and it seems to work fine. I don't know how to attach a file here, so I put the patch on . Thanks!
107xfce4-linelight-pluginFeature RequestMediumOption to set the search field at the top of the lineli...AssignedLinux
Michael Pfeuti Task Description Can you add an option to set the search field at the top or the bottom of linelight? This is useful depending on the position of the xfce4-panel (whether it's at the top or bottom of the screen).
27xfce4-linelight-pluginFeature RequestLowkeybindingNewAll
Task Description possibility to open the search window by a shortcut (definable through xfce)
43xfce4-linelight-pluginFeature RequestLowPlugin is not aware of its size expanding beyond the ed...AssignedLinux
Michael Pfeuti Task Description Plugin is not aware of its size expanding beyond the edge of the current screen. Please design more intelligent behaviour.
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