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Feature RequestLowstart menu for gameNew
1.2 Task Description set the welcome screen of the exported game. (new game, load, settings, ...)
Feature RequestLowvideo actionNew
2.0 Task Description action that play a video file
Feature RequestLowmagic wand selecting color basedNew
2.0 Task Description see magic wand selecting contrast based
Feature RequestLowmagic wand selecting contrast basedNew
2.0 Task Description auto selection of areas with a similar contrast. this eases the task of marking action ares. it should be possible to change the constrast treshold during selection.
Feature RequestLowstart current game from editorNew
1.2 Task Description start game, and load current scene
Feature RequestLowhierarchy for pictureNew
2.0 Task Description folder structure for pictures, otherwise one get lost easily with many pictures
Feature RequestLowcustom cursersNew
1.2 Task Description allow user to set custom cursors for the game this also includes an action to change the cursor
Feature RequestLowValidation of actionsNew
2.0 Task Description when a game should be exported it would be wise to check if the actions of one area do not contradict each other. for instance one action says goto image 1 another says goto image 2. => uncertain behavior.
Feature RequestLowDo/Undo featureNew
2.0 Task Description standard do undo buttons
Feature RequestLowcommand line featuresNew
2.0 Task Description for example pass the file name of a project
Feature RequestLowplugin system New
1.2 Task Description plugin system to easily add new actions
Feature RequestLowDialog systemNew
1.2 Task Description possibilty to design and edit dialogs for charaters/etc - code completion for reacting on items in inventory - per action (look at, talk to, pick up,...) one tab - each tab holds a textfield which contains the whole dialog - [itemname] for enabling dialog options when item itemname is in inventory - add label for specifying action trigger at certain dialogs (f.e. [actionname] at the end of the line of a dialog - Deal with going back in the tree (last dialog option always goes back one level - add labels which can be jumped to at the beginning of a dialog line - in the dialog editor keep a list of all available (were created in this editor +/- action) actions for this dialog
Feature RequestMichael PfeutiLowCharacter/object PoolAssigned
1.2 Task Description add all created characters in a pool from where the user can drag and drop an existin character into a new scene make it optional. sometimes we want instancing (when we modify one, all are changed) and sometimes we want independent copies. Of course some properties should be allowed to change like position.
Feature RequestLowParallel vs. Serial Action SequencesNew
1.2 Task Description Action Preferences Dialog: Each action is in a block of parallel action sequences. It is possible to arrange parallel sequences in a serial sequence. Each action gets the number of its sequence for saving. Actions are listed in a table. Each action gets a number. Actions with the same number are executed parallel.
Feature RequestLowCharacter Scaling in PanelsNew
1.2 Task Description when an object is made into a character it should be displayed the way it will appear in the game. Thus, it is necessary to scale it according to its position and relative size to the Dummy.
Feature RequestLowDefault ActionsNew
1.2 Task Description when no action is specified then a default action should be used ("no, I don't want to" "Not right now", and so on)
Feature RequestMediumxml exportNew
1.2 Task Description replace whitespaces in strings with _
Bug ReportVery Lowimage zoomNew
Task Description initial image zoom is not fit to screen
Bug ReportLowupdate references of items when copy/cut themNew
1.2 Task Description
Bug ReportLowHierarchy/groups for inventory item/objectsNew
2.0 Task Description to organise all items allow the user to put them in groups. same is should also be possible for objects/characters in the character/object pool
Bug ReportLowIntroduce SharedPointersNew
2.0 Task Description
Bug ReportLowGame Creation WizardNew
1.2 Task Description when creating a game certain information should be given that do not change - the possible acitons (talk to, go to, ...) - the intentory style (MI1, MI2 static or MI3 right click popup or MI5 button open) and also the area where the intentory pops up
Bug ReportLowaction affect only local layer/pic after exportNew
1.2 Task Description for example move area in another picture should place a flag where the area has moved to. then the on enter actions should respect these flags
Bug ReportLowDefault text fontNew
1.2 Task Description in show text you always have to select the font
Bug ReportMichael PfeutiLowFix TransformationsNew
1.2 Task Description use gcdc and its affine transform
Bug ReportLowRemove IDs from the xml import/exportNew
1.2 Task Description We don't need to manage the IDs in the code. the ID's are only necessary during the loading process to make sure we rebuild the correct pointer relationships. Thus, the exporter should manage the creation of the IDs.
Bug ReportMediumresolve index battleNew
1.2 Task Description there are many index attributes which seem obsolete. the index of a layer isn't assigned correctly. either use only indices as unique identifiers or name. but don't mix decision 06.02.2011: - use indices
Bug ReportMediumedit object deletes actionsNew
1.2 Task Description when an object has action and its image is edited it loses its actions (see objecteditdialog in OnOk() there we create a new action instead of editing the old)
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