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2912Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowExposure Fusion AlgorithmNewAll
Task Description implement
3180Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowRaw Image SupportNewWin32
Task Description use libraw to load and store raw images
3181Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowOpenCL image NewWin32
Task Description Design image class such that it is transparent to the user if an algorithm operates in the opencl image or the host image
3183Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowFlag HandlingNewWin32
Task Description Add type same flag handling. See how QT implemented this. this i a clever way to do it!
3187Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowBMP Image supportNewAll
Task Description add IO for BMP files. see gimp source code how to read/write bmp files
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