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3187Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowBMP Image supportNewAll
Task Description add IO for BMP files. see gimp source code how to read/write bmp files
3193Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowFile IONewWin32
Task Description add file IO like writing to and reading from a file. this way we have less dependency on the GetData method of the String class
3197Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowc++11 timingNewWin32
Task Description use instead of unix timing or glfw timing.
3198Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowallow float fps in video writingNewWin32
Task Description c->time_base = av_d2q(1.f/fps, 65535);
3199Graphic Utility LibraryBug ReportLowenum classNewWin32
Task Description Implement easy usable enum class based on make sure the have int->type and type->int conversion, toString method, and iteration facility.
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