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180Iocaste EditorBug ReportLowFix TransformationsNewAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description use gcdc and its affine transform
181Iocaste EditorBug ReportLowRemove IDs from the xml import/exportNewAll
Task Description We don't need to manage the IDs in the code. the ID's are only necessary during the loading process to make sure we rebuild the correct pointer relationships. Thus, the exporter should manage the creation of the IDs.
182Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowUnicode StringsNewAll
Task Description
2912Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowExposure Fusion AlgorithmNewAll
Task Description implement
3187Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowBMP Image supportNewAll
Task Description add IO for BMP files. see gimp source code how to read/write bmp files
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