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72UniGameFeature RequestLowEingangshalle HGNewWin32
Michael Pfeutideif Task Description
152Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLow1D - 4D noise functionNewAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description perlin/simplex noise
153Graphic Utility LibraryFeature RequestLowPrimary Ray GenerationNewAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description ray generation for ray tracing
167Iocaste EditorFeature RequestLowCharacter/object PoolAssignedAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description add all created characters in a pool from where the user can drag and drop an existin character into a new scene make it optional. sometimes we want instancing (when we modify one, all are changed) and sometimes we want independent copies. Of course some properties should be allowed to change like position.
180Iocaste EditorBug ReportLowFix TransformationsNewAll
Michael Pfeuti Task Description use gcdc and its affine transform
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