Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /srv/http/flyspray/includes/class.flyspray.php on line 113 Flyspray::Ganymede.chIocaste Editor: Recently edited tasks 2011-05-15T14:54:36Z FS#179: Memleak detector 2011-05-15T14:54:36Z 2011-04-05T11:57:41Z

Michael Pfeuti
FS#181: Remove IDs from the xml import/export 2011-05-15T13:00:45Z 2011-05-15T13:00:45Z

We don't need to manage the IDs in the code. the ID's are only necessary during the loading process to make sure we rebuild the correct pointer relationships. Thus, the exporter should manage the creation of the IDs.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#156: Replace Duplicate with Copy Constructor 2011-05-15T12:58:42Z 2010-03-15T09:09:16Z

this includes memory leak fixing

there are many places that cause memory leaks because I was too lazy to do it properly

CAUTION: for the duplication of abstract instances we need this method. when we have a AbstractAction and we want to duplicate it we cannot use the copy constructor.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#180: Fix Transformations 2011-04-07T09:45:41Z 2011-04-07T09:24:23Z

use gcdc and its affine transform

Michael Pfeuti
FS#168: Parallel vs. Serial Action Sequences 2011-02-23T20:21:36Z 2010-08-29T12:21:30Z

Action Preferences Dialog:

Each action is in a block of parallel action sequences. It is possible to arrange parallel sequences in a serial sequence.

Each action gets the number of its sequence for saving.

Actions are listed in a table. Each action gets a number. Actions with the same number are executed parallel.

FS#178: Default text font 2011-02-22T10:34:29Z 2011-02-22T10:34:29Z

in show text you always have to select the font

Michael Pfeuti
FS#177: edit object deletes actions 2011-02-22T10:24:17Z 2011-02-22T10:24:17Z

when an object has action and its image is edited it loses its actions (see objecteditdialog in OnOk() there we create a new action instead of editing the old)

Michael Pfeuti
FS#167: Character/object Pool 2011-02-21T21:27:08Z 2010-05-23T14:09:26Z

add all created characters in a pool from where the user can drag and drop an existin character into a new scene

make it optional.

sometimes we want instancing (when we modify one, all are changed) and sometimes we want independent copies. Of course some properties should be allowed to change like position.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#176: xml export 2011-02-20T16:49:36Z 2011-02-20T16:49:36Z

replace whitespaces in strings with _

Michael Pfeuti
FS#175: action affect only local layer/pic after export 2011-02-20T15:25:43Z 2011-02-20T15:25:43Z

for example move area in another picture should place a flag where the area has moved to. then the on enter actions should respect these flags

Michael Pfeuti