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Michael Pfeuti
FS#156: Replace Duplicate with Copy Constructor 2011-05-15T12:58:42Z 2010-03-15T09:09:16Z

this includes memory leak fixing

there are many places that cause memory leaks because I was too lazy to do it properly

CAUTION: for the duplication of abstract instances we need this method. when we have a AbstractAction and we want to duplicate it we cannot use the copy constructor.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#139: Inventory Actions 2011-02-15T08:45:36Z 2009-07-13T16:31:01Z

an action to interact with an inventory

this also includes the gui that allows the user to design the game command panel (pick up, look at, ... and the inventory)

offer two styles:
- MI3-like (menu popup after holding mouse)
- MI1 or MI5 global button that opens menu or menu that is always present

NOTE: make action set permanent after new game. maybe a wizard. this simplifies the actionarea grouping. exp: goto of an object has actions and then the users deletes goto. This forces us to loop over all layers of all pictures.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#154: SAVE/LOAD/EXPORT for Games 2011-02-12T16:15:52Z 2010-02-07T15:05:49Z

for the export of the scriptaction we need to generate "normal actions" from the code

FS#5: rearrangement of sash panels 2011-01-11T08:13:20Z 2008-02-18T08:27:54Z

when app starts the rearrangement of sash panels can be seen

Michael Pfeuti
FS#137: Script action 2010-08-31T21:11:33Z 2009-07-13T16:28:45Z

an action which allows the developer to use a scripting language


the primary action is missing

Michael Pfeuti
FS#163: Object movement action 2010-08-31T20:39:36Z 2010-05-02T18:39:16Z

action that causes an object to change position

how can we define a motion in a user-friendly way


waiting on brige for refactoring of picturepanels

Michael Pfeuti
FS#160: Object Drawing Order 2010-08-30T17:29:03Z 2010-04-25T15:13:00Z

Depending in which walking are a character is, we draw the objects in a different order. This way we achieve the effect of forground and background.

each walking area holds a list that tells if an object in this scene is in front or behind the character.

we can locally change the order by introducing an additional walking area.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#166: Stop Animation Action 2010-08-29T14:30:37Z 2010-05-16T20:08:48Z

for stopping looping animations.

Animation & Sound

FS#142: Characters 2010-08-29T12:18:49Z 2009-07-13T16:35:47Z

charactes which can move around

Michael Pfeuti