Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /srv/http/flyspray/includes/class.flyspray.php on line 113 Flyspray::Ganymede.chGraphic Utility Library: Recently opened tasks 2013-07-25T11:20:27Z FS#3199: enum class 2013-07-25T11:20:27Z 2013-07-25T11:20:27Z

Implement easy usable enum class based on

make sure the have int->type and type->int conversion, toString method, and iteration facility.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3198: allow float fps in video writing 2013-07-03T06:08:19Z 2013-07-03T06:08:19Z

c->time_base = av_d2q(1.f/fps, 65535);

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3197: c++11 timing 2013-06-15T12:29:05Z 2013-06-15T12:29:05Z

use instead of unix timing or glfw timing.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3196: GLSL Shader handling 2013-06-16T11:32:26Z 2013-05-23T20:20:49Z

load source compile it and return a program.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3195: OpenAL for audio playback 2013-05-31T09:40:26Z 2013-04-28T20:03:39Z

Start code base for sound and audio handling. (video playback, syth., audio effects sandbox,....)

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3194: Integrate glfw 2013-06-15T16:01:46Z 2013-04-28T20:02:24Z

Use glfw for simple window creation, gl contex, intput, timing handling

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3193: File IO 2012-09-17T19:40:35Z 2012-09-17T19:40:35Z

add file IO like writing to and reading from a file.

this way we have less dependency on the GetData method of the String class

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3192: timing 2013-05-07T21:01:49Z 2012-09-17T19:38:55Z

timing macro that prints a timed stack trace.

enable/disabled by a define switch

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3191: remove pugi dependency in header 2012-10-25T21:26:48Z 2012-09-17T19:37:53Z

XMLAttribute etc include the pugi header in the header. this shouldn't be that way.

Furthermore the conversion constructor from pugi -> gul should not be public. every thing must be done internally.

Michael Pfeuti
FS#3190: Clean Test Output folder 2013-05-24T08:58:16Z 2012-08-30T20:56:56Z

the test output folder is not clear. this can lead to wrong test results

Michael Pfeuti